Zeitzer Straße 5 : Apartments for sale in a renovated property

  • Centrally located in a high demand area near Richard Platz in northern Neukölln

    near to Korner Park and Karl Marx Strasse.

  • Property renovated in 2012 and 2002

    loft apartment, studios and 1-3 bedroom apartments

  • Discounted prices with high yielding units

    Complete Investment Management by Inspiration Group

Address: Zeitzer Straße 5, 12055 Berlin

  • The property is located in Northern Neukölln near Kreuzberg and Treptow neighborhoods

    during the last 5 years the area has become increasingly fashionable attracting hundreds of new residents from other parts of Berlin.

  • Dozens of coffee shops, restaurants, bars and art galleries have opened in the vicinity of the property in recent years

    Rent rates rose substantially and reached levels of upper middle-class neighborhoods such as Charlottenburg

  • The Micro Location is in the area of Richard Platz and Rixdorf

    the central area of historical Neukölln famous for its charming buildings dating back hundreds of years

  • Just minutes walk from tranquil Richard Platz, Neukölln’s S-Bahn and U-Bahn stations

    elegant Korner Park, and the central shopping artery of Karl Marx Strasse combine in creating a very attractive urban mix contributing to the popularity of the area.

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The following apartments are still available:

  • Apartment n.
  • Size
  • Typologie
  • Status
  • Position
  • 10
  • 86,93
  • Flat
  • Renovated Altbau
  • VH 4. OG
  • 25
  • 91,01
  • Loft/openspace
  • 2012 newly built
  • QG EG
  • 29
  • 89,00
  • Loft/openspace
  • 2012 newly built
  • QG 4. OG
  • 31
  • 139,47
  • Loft/openspace
  • 2012 newly built
  • QG 1. OG
  • 32
  • 140,73
  • Loft/openspace
  • 2012 newly built
  • QG 2. OG
  • 33
  • 142,78
  • Loft/openspace
  • 2012 newly built
  • QG 3. OG
  • 34
  • 144,00
  • Loft/openspace
  • 2012 newly built
  • QG 4. OG

Professional support by the team of Inspiration Group

In Inspiration Group we believe that purchasing the property is only the first step in the investment. Managing it successfully and optimizing yields, independent of market conditions, is what determines the overall performance of the investment.

For this reason we offer our investors a complete management package, and have founded our own maintenance company:

We directly manage the apartments and the building, collecting from the tenants rent and taxes, and perform regular maintenance of the property.

  • Supervision over the apartments and tenants.
  • Locating new tenants in case of termination of lease. We will ensure the the quality of the tenants and the new lease.
  • Raising of rents in accordance to legal regulations.
  • Analysis of market trends, consulting investors concerning resale opportunities and strategies.
  • Vacating of tenants in accordance regulations.
  • Renovation of apartments.
  • Marketing and reselling.
  • Refinance services.


An initial payment of 20% of the purchase price will be deposited into a notary account within a week of signing the contract. The Additional 80% will be deposited in the account after the sale of all apartments, following a notice from Inspiration Group. In the case of taking a loan, the 2nd deposit will determined according to the sum of the loan taken.


It is possible to receive a 40%-50% loan from a German bank. Our investment consultants will assist you in choosing the most suitable loan.

Additional Services

We have created a one stop management package for our investors which includes: re-renting apartments, brokaerage services, supervision of refurbishments, opening bank accounts, submitting tax returns, etc.

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